Repaired / Used Parts

Repaired / Used Parts
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Repaired / Used Parts

Our reliably-sourced recycled, reused and repaired parts and units are thoroughly checked to ensure suitability for the job.

Quality-sourced recycled genuine parts are typically better than new aftermarket alternatives, far more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective with better long-term running costs and less downtime.

Recycled, reused and repaired genuine parts typically outlast replacements and aftermarket equivalents, a well-sourced used part that's been made to last and properly checked can be tested and rebuilt if needed to outlast cheaper alternatives.

Many aftermarket and alternative parts on the market are typically made with cost-cutting measures to do the minimum job required, a recycled original part that has been properly inspected and reconditioned is the most cost-effective way to get genuine parts back on your vehicles and equipment while saving perfectly good parts from ending up as land-fill.

For old fashioned repair and recycling contact us.


We understand the importance of offering sustainable automotive part solutions.

Our repaired parts are not only a safe and economical option, they also contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. One repaired part consumes 80% less energy, 88% less water, 92% less chemical products and results in 70% less waste during remanufacture than a new part.

Opting to repair or use secondhand parts also conserves precious raw materials such as steel, aluminium and copper, while keeping existing petrol and diesel vehicles and machinery operating for longer.

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Enquire today about our used and repaired part solutions. For old fashioned repair and recycling contact us.