Jennings Parts Co. – Klixon Circuit Breakers and Circuit Protectors

The KLIXON circuit breakers and circuit protectors are the most widely used and recognised breakers in the earth-moving industry, because Klixon breakers are designed to withstand the tough mining environment and other harsh conditions.

KLIXON thermal circuit breakers are compact and lightweight. These protective devices designed to repeatedly interrupt short circuits or extended overloads in applications which require precise, dependable operation and high resistance to shock and vibration. Finally, to avoid nuisance tripping caused by harmless transient or momentary overloads, these circuit breakers feature an inherent thermal time-lag characteristic. Consequently, this enables equipment to operate at maximum limits with complete safety.

We wholesale and distribute Klixon circuit breakers. Contact us today.

We distribute Klixon S Series, Klixon C Series, Klixon 7851 Series and Klixon 7855 Series circuit breakers.

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